HIPAA Training


Completion of annual HIPAA training is required for all workforce members for a Health Care Component. Failure to complete the annual training may result in the loss of network access until the training is completed.

Depending on your access requirements and geographic location, HIPAA training may be administered by the UI Hospital, Technology Solutions {Formerly Academic Computing and Communications Center (ACCC)} or Technology Services. Training is coordinated such that most people should only be required to complete HIPAA training once per year, but it is possible that some workforce members may be required to complete HIPAA training more than once in a year if their access requirements change.

If you are not required to take HIPAA training but are interested in doing so, please send an email with your training request to hipaa@uillinois.edu.

Please note that for those faculty members that are a) in a unit that is part of the covered entity, and b) doing research that involves Patient Health Information (PHI), must take in addition to the annual HIPAA must also take UIC HSPP HIPAA training within the first three months of employment.