HIPAA Liaisons


HIPAA Liaisons

Each component of the UofI HIPAA Hybrid Entity has a HIPAA Liaison appointed by their Dean or Department Head. The liaisons are the first point of contact regarding HIPAA Compliance questions and procedures for each of the listed covered entities. The HIPAA Privacy and Security Officer may be contacted for general HIPAA questions and issues regarding HIPAA compliance at the University of Illinois.


College of Applied Health Sciences Jon Santanni jons@uic.edu
School of Public Health Frank Cervone fcervone@uic.edu
College of Medicine-Chicago Nicole Almiro, Todd Van Neck & Marilu Luna tvanneck@uic.edu,almiro@uic.edu,luzluna@uic.edu
College of Medicine-Peoria Judy Martin jam@uic.edu
College of Medicine-Rockford Carol Schuster schust@uic.edu
College of Pharmacy Dale Rush dalerush@uic.edu
College of Dentistry Susan Rowan srowan@uic.edu
Division of Specialized Care for Children Mindy Kolaz mmkolaz@uic.edu
College of Nursing Susan Flores suflores@uic.edu
ACCC Ed Zawacki edz@uic.edu
Hospital Margaret Pajak pajak@uic.edu
Office of Access and Equity Michael Diaz mdiaz50@uic.edu
Jane Adams College of Social Work Marty McDermott martym@uic.edu
Environmental Health & Safety Office Brian Nathe bnathe2@uic.edu


Technology Services Paul Lucas & Taylor Judd pblucas@illinois.edutjudd@illinois.edu
The School of Social Work Maggie Helms mhlms@illinois.edu
National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) Healthcare Component Randal Butler r-butler@illinois.edu
Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Institute Tor Jensen torwolf@illinois.edu

University Administration

Office of University Counsel Teresa Temple ttemples@uillinois.edu
Administrative Information Technology Services Chris Barton cpbarton@uillinois.edu
 University Ethics Office Donna McNeely dmcne1@uis.edu
Office of University Audits Gene Fruit gfruit@uillinois.edu
University Office of Risk Management Christine Flaningam flaninga@uillinois.edu