HIPAA Survey Tool

The University of Illinois (UofI) is considered to be a Hybrid Entity under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). In order to determine which units in the various colleges of the University of Illinois (U of I) system are considered to be Health Care Component (HCC) of the Hybrid Entity in accordance with the requirements of HIPAA, a HIPAA Survey Tool is completed. The HIPAA Survey Tool is comprised of two sections and intended to address whether the unit is 1.) a HIPAA-covered Health Care Provider, or 2.) whether the unit is a HIPAA-covered Business Associate (BA).

The HIPAA Survey Tool is reviewed on an annual basis with the U of I Systems HIPAA Privacy & Security Officer, U of I Legal Counsel and the HIPAA Liaisons to reflect any process or regulatory changes or requirements.

To request completion of the HIPAA Survey Tool by your unit or college, send an email to the U of I System HIPAA Privacy & Security Officer @ hipaa@uillinois.edu.