HIPAA Structure @ UofI

HIPAA Compliance Structure

In November 2013, the Board of Trustees approved policy that called for the formation of an Information Privacy and Security Council (IPSC) with representation from many areas of the university including Legal, IT Governance, IT Security, Faculty, etc. The IPSC serves an advisory role to the Board on information privacy and security issues. The IPSC commissioned a HIPAA Subcommittee to directly work on HIPAA related issues.

The IPSC HIPAA Subcommittee works closely with the University HIPAA Privacy and Security Official to address HIPAA related issues throughout the UofI covered entity.

In addition each component of the covered entity has named a HIPAA Liaison to act as resource to their unit and to work with the HIPAA Privacy and Security Official in all matters related to HIPAA.

IPSC HIPAA Subcommittee

Balgopal, Anita Institutional Review Board (UIUC) anitab@illinois.edu
Barnes, Joe Technology Services at Illinois, Chief Privacy & Security Officer (UIUC) jdbarns1@illinois.edu
Barton, Chris Administrative Information Technology Services (AITS) cpbarton@uillinois.edu
Boyd, Andy College of Medicine and College of Applied Health Sciences (UIC) boyda@uic.edu
Dzado-Swanson, Melissa Assistant HIPAA Privacy Officer dzadoswa@uic.edu
Fruit, Gene University Audits gfruit@uillinois.edu
Garfinkel, Chaim UIC Hospital cgarfin@uic.edu
Grogan, David University Ethics & Compliance Office dgrogran@uillinois.edu
Matthew Riley HIPAA Privacy and Security Official mlriley@uic.edu
Hoehne, Chuck Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research (UIC) choehne@uic.edu
Larrison, Christopher School of Social Work (UIUC) larrison@illinois.edu
Maslanka, Jason Director, CAS Information Technology (UIC ITGC InfraSec Chair) jasonm@uic.edu
Pajak, Margaret UI Hospital pajak@uic.edu
Pfister, Patricia Office of Research Services  (UIC) pfister@uic.edu
Power, Lisa University Counsel lpower@uillinois.edu
Reed, Claire University Counsel cmreed@uic.edu
Vacant UI Hospital
Shipp, Judy Counseling Center & Student Services (UIS) jship@uis.edu
Slagell, Adam National Supercomputing Applications (NSCA) slagell@illinois.edu
Vacant Administrative Information Technology Services
Wee, Emily Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Initiative ewee@illinois.edu
Zawacki, Ed Academic Computing and Communications Center, Chief Information Security and Privacy Officer (UIC) edz@uic.edu